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A Typical Mold Consulting Project

A typical Mold Consulting Project includes the following:

  • A mold assessment survey – typical survey includes a thorough visual inspection, moisture analysis using both infra-red imaging technology and direct reading instrumentation, both penetrating and non-penetrating, general air quality information with respect to temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and if requested carbon monoxide testing and if needed physical sampling of either the contaminated surface or air quality.

  • Remediation Protocol – if greater than 25 square feet of fungal/mold damage is found, a remediation protocol is required by the state. This protocol outlines all of the activities the remediation contractor will need to follow to safely and completely repair the water damage and clean up the mold contamination.

  • Clearance Testing – When the remediation contractor says they have completed their work, the consultant inspects the remediated spaces and performs analytical testing to assure the project is complete before any new building materials are installed.

  • Once clearance is complete a clearance report is written and if appropriate, a Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) form is completed. The mold consultant and the remediation contractor must sign the TDI form and the contractor delivers the completed form along with his final paperwork. The clearance report is sent to the owner by the consultant.

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