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The Truth About Mold In Your Home - Part 3

What To Do If You Think You Have A Mold Problem - First – IS YOUR HOME THE PROBLEM?

We often get calls from people saying that they leave their home and feel well then return and feel bad. Sometimes it is their home but more often they meant to say they left the Austin, TX area allergens while on vacation then returned to the exterior air allergens that make them feel bad and it was their allergies to ragweed, cedar or some other of the thousands of allergens we have in central Texas and not their home.

First determine if it’s your house. This only takes a day or two of preparation and patience.

First change out your air conditioners filters and install new high efficiency filter and set the fan to the “on” position instead of the “auto” position. This will allow you’re A/C fan to run continuously and clean your house air as much as possible. (Air filters – there are basically three types, low efficiency – angel hair filters that basically filter only pet hair from the house air, not very good but very cheap to buy, middle efficiency – fabric filters with 1 pleat per inch clean most of big particles and all pet hair from house air $3-9 each, High efficiency – fabric or paper filters with 3-7 pleats per inch, these filter virtually all particulate from the air, use these for this study cost $6-20 each depending on size)

Now that the fan is running continuously whether it’s hot or cold outside, you need to clean your house from top to bottom especially your bedroom. So dust first including any ceiling fans and blinds/drapes, then vacuum.

Now change your sheets and if possible clean your covers and bedspread, if you can’t clean them from this study change your sheets then take an extra sheet and cover you blanket with it and fold the sheet so that it fully covers the blanket and under wraps it at the top of the blanket where you place your head. Keep all pets out of your bedroom from the time you begin cleaning until the study is complete, about 24 hours.

Just before bedtime take a shower or bath and thoroughly clean your hair and DO NOT GO OUTSIDE again that night. Now note how you feel before you go to bed. If you wake feeling refreshed it’s not your house, it you feel worse you’re either not used to having to clean house or more likely it’s your house that makes you feel bad.

If you feel bad when you wake up, call us to inspect your home.

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