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Many homeowners look to licensed Asbestos consultant for help before and after contractors work in their homes to assure that the contractors follow all state and federal laws associated with asbestos containing materials. Most remodeling contractors think that all residential projects are outside the Asbestos laws. This is not so. They are still held to any applicable Federal OSHA and EPA rules covering the protection of both the homeowner, the general public and their own workers. Austin Enviro Group works with the homeowner to determine if the residential structure falls under the State rules, if asbestos is present and to assure their home is clean once the remodeling is complete.

  • Asbestos Testing – we can either perform in house asbestos testing or if the client wishes to save and collect the sample themselves, we can collect their properly collected samples and have them analyzed at a substantially reduced fee. (All residential testing is performed at a discounted rate vs commercial project in an attempt to assure homeowners have access to accurate information regarding their home construction needs

  • Asbestos Air Monitoring– there are two reasons to air monitor:

    • The most common is after a project is complete to assure the contractor has properly removed all of the materials covered in the project and that the home is safe for the homeowner to reenter. 

    • Unfortunately, some homeowners find out too late that their home was improperly protected by their contractor and need to determine if it is safe to occupy the home – we offer a full line of air monitoring and consulting services to help the homeowner cope with every phase of this recovery process.

Project Design, Air Monitoring and Basic Consulting to help the resident through each and every necessary step in properly handling asbestos containing materials in their homes before, during and after any remodeling project.

Asbestos Testing For Homeowners

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