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Mold Consulting for Homeowners

For Residential Mold Consulting please contact:

Austin Air Biology - 512-323-2246

Water damage/Mold Assessment: We perform Mold Inspections in Austin and the surrounding are. We inspect either the entire structure or just a limited portion of the home at the homeowners request and provide all follow up services as outlined in the commercial description if the home requires mold remediation. It is important to note than some home owners will request that smaller projects be managed as a remediation project regardless of the state involvement when their own specific health concerns indicate greater care than provided by general contractors.

Realty Home Inspections and Mold Inspections: When buying or selling a home it is sometime appropriate to take the extra step after a general home inspection to assure there is no water damage or mold growth in the home.


A Mold Inspection is is done to assure the buyers that the home air quality and maintenance is equal to their needs and to help homeowners wishing to acquire a mold damage rider on their homeowners’ insurance. A realty home inspection typically covers the entire home is not limited to a single area of the home unless both the buyer and seller limit the survey to a specific concern. In the event the survey is being performed to acquire a TDI form the entire home must be surveyed.

A typical realty inspection for mold investigates all areas of the home where mold or water damage is commonly found (water heaters, air conditioners, plumbing fixtures, roofing, windows, doors, balconies, crawl spaces etc.

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