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About Ralph Bonnell, CIH

I am a Certified Industrial Hygienist with over 40 years of experience in all aspects of industrial hygiene and environmental engineering. I carry a certificate in industrial hygiene and have also worked extensively in many aspects of engineering, process development, failure analysis, materials science, thermal and mechanical stress, heat transfer, vibration, radiation, chemical processes and analytical chemistry and noise and oil field technologies.

I either hold the patents or technical disclosures for many processes and machines used in our current high tech industry. Most computers, cell phones and printers contain or were made one or more of these developments.

I originally started in the oil field, then mining/smelting/heavy industry and was involved in several of the early chemical waste dump clean ups and became a certified industrial hygienist to support these jobs. I quickly learned it was better to design better equipment than to fix poorly designed processes. I went back to school and added chemical engineering to my tool list and returned to industry where I developed many processes and pieces of equipment still used today that eliminate the need for hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing process.

When the company I worked for moved their development operations in 1990, I continued in operations as a support engineer for about 5 years and then left to manage several businesses and finally started my own consulting company in Austin, TX  in 2002. I have kept Austin Enviro Group small and I am personally involved and oversee every project we accept.

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