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Industrial Hygiene Services

Ralph Bonnell is a certified Industrial Hygienist with over 40 years experience in most aspects of chemical, manufacturing and industrial environments.

With degrees in biology, chemistry, Industrial Hygiene and Chemical engineering he has not only identified problems in the workplace but also developed processes and equipment to eliminate the problems.


 List of Industrial Hygiene Services:

  • Radon testing

  • Heat Stress

  • Hexavalent Chrome both in plating, grinding and welding of stainless materials

  • Welding Fume

  • Ergonomics

  • Personal Exposure Monitoring – variety of chemicals depending on the setting and processes

  • Noise analysis and employee noise exposures (key word also noise dosimeter/survey/testing/employee sampling)

  • Workspace Air Quality Sampling

  • Nuisance dust, silica, respirable dusts

  • Smoke or fire damage surveys both industrial and residential

  • Metal fumes and dust sampling

  • All surveys are conducted by a certified industrial hygienist

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