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Asbestos Consulting for Commercial Clients

The state of Texas and the EPA require contractors to survey all suspect building materials before the beginning of any commercial remodeling or demolition project to assure no asbestos containing materials will be disturbed during the project.

This is done to protect both the contractors employees doing the work remodeling/demolition work, the client’s employees that may still be working in the general area and the general public. These surveys typically require a minimum of three samples to be collected of each suspect material affected by the project.  If Asbestos containing materials are found then a remediation plan must be written to detail how the site will be managed and the materials removed and how the asbestos containing materials handled during the disposal process. This is called the remediation design or protocol and must be completed by the Licensed asbestos consultant.

During the remediation process where a licensed asbestos remediation contractor is removing the asbestos containing materials the state requires that a consultants representative be on site at all times monitoring the work practices and monitoring the air quality on site to assure the general public is protected during the course of the work. Additionally at the end of the project, the consultant or air monitoring technician will conduct a physical clearance which includes air quality sampling for the project.

Austin Enviro Group is a full service asbestos consulting Agency

  • Site Surveys/Asbestos Testing by licensed Asbestos Consultants for:

    • Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) demolition permits

    • Local building permits

    • US EPA NESHAP projects on private, state and federal land

    • Public School surveys for EPA AHERA and Texas DSHS purposes

  • Management Plans for Public and private not for profit Schools K-12

  • Residential surveys and testing residential structures with more than four residences owned by the same owner

  • Consulting Services for Remedial Projects

  • Remediation Planning & written protocols & Site oversite

  • Project Supervision & Air Monitoring

  • Clearance Sampling

  • General air quality testing for asbestos not covered in the above activities

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