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Environmental Site Assessments 

Banks and investors often find that a thorough history of a new property is warranted to assure the property will not get entangled later in CERCLA/super fund litigation or other environmental disasters caused by leaking solvents such as perchloroethylene (dry cleaning fluid) trichloroethylene (degreasers) gasoline or other fuels from leaking storage tanks etc.

List of Environmental Site Assessment Services:

  • Phase 1 (ASTM E1527-05) EPA All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI 40 CFR Part 312) A phase one is a thorough onsite inspection of the property coupled with a detailed history search of the property through local, state and federal data bases and historical records such as aerial photographs, phone directories, Sanborne Insurance maps etc coupled with personal interviews with persons knowledgeable of the property and any other records or resources readily available for review. A phase one assessment in Austin, TX is not a sampling investigation. If sampling is required or requested the sampling whether for asbestos, lead or other known issues, the additional sampling is outside the normal scope of a phase 1 site assessment.

  • Phase 2 Sampling Assessments (Limited) Typically we subcontract Phase 2 sampling requiring drilling and coring such as under ground storage tank analysis, ground water contamination from PCE or TCE etc. We do offer many forms of testing that do not require drilling or coring of the foundations or grounds including asbestos surveys, lead based paint in commercial structures and residential structures built after 1978, Clandestine Methamphetamine testing, water damage and mold testing, etc.

  • Environmental waste dump consulting and over-site and monitoring

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